B-Alert X-Series Mobile EEG Systems

Every wireless B-Alert System delivers medical-grade, dependable signals in portable, easy-to-use and comfortable-for-hours designs. The mobile headset design eliminates all wires and digitizes the signal close to the sensor site to enable movement and flexibility during recordings, while also avoiding the artifacts and noise typically associated with traditional, wired EEG systems. Each headset includes standard software to create systems with user-friendly tools for checking connection quality at each sensor site, viewing raw EEG data in real-time, inserting time-stamped annotations, and integrating with third party software using our Software Developers’ Kit (SDK). Optional B-Alert software upgrades enable layers of analysis opportunities such as Power Spectral Densities (PSDs) computations and Cognitive State Metrics in real-time or during offline analyses, as well as event-locked for single-trial or averaged ERP analyses.

Achieve new levels of mobility in your research acquisitions by using the Android tablet version of the B-Alert acquisition software. All the core functionality and recording capabilities have been ported into an intuitive touch screen interface emphasizing simplicity.

The B-Alert wireless EEG systems are intended for use by researchers. The Stat X-Series Systems are identical but cleared for prescription use as medical diagnostic devices.

B-Alert X24 Wireless EEG Headset

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B-Alert X24

The B-Alert X24 EEG wireless system combines power and flexibility for mobile neurophysiological monitoring, offering two interchangeable, pre-configured sensor strips -- each of which assures individualized fit and accurate site placement across subjects. From biomarker development to neurorehabilitation applications, the B-Alert X24 is the most versatile wireless-EEG research system available.

B-Alert X24 Details
B-Alert X24 Integration with NeuroGuide

B-Alert X10 Wireless EEG Headset

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B-Alert X10

The B-Alert X10 wireless EEG system is the premiere solution for mobile EEG applications, delivering a balance of functionality and simplicity. The 9-channel combination of mid-line and lateral EEG sites -- plus the additional channel of ECG, EMG, or EOG data -- allows for multiple analysis opportunities, as evidenced by numerous peer-reviewed publications.

B-Alert X10 Details
B-Alert X10 Integration for Market Research
B-Alert X10 Integration with Acqknowledge

B-Alert X4 Wireless EEG Headset

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B-Alert X4

The B-Alert X4 EEG system features a compact form factor to maximize ease-of-use and comfort in real-world environments. For first-time and experienced EEG users alike, B-Alert X4 is a practical solution for quickly implementing psychophysiological assessment.

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